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Sickness: Compassionate Support

Recently, a sister of mine has become ill.  She is not in the hospital, but she is bed-ridden and suffering.  She has blisters in her eyes from a condition called “shingles”.  In her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay lists the probable cause as “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, “fear and tension" and “too sensitive”.  Well, I can really identify with my sister in this area because oftentimes I take myself way too seriously which causes fear and tension. 

It becomes difficult to interact with others when fear, tension and sensitivity become companions we take with us wherever we go.  My sister, unfortunately, really takes things to heart and has challenges in just accepting others as they are.  She feels victimized and assaulted by others on a regular basis; so much so, that in the past she alienated those who love her the most. 

Sometimes, I wonder if these types of emotions are genetic because I can really relate to her struggle.  However, in my case, there is no excuse because I am well aware of the root cause and have the tools to heal. No, I do not and have never had shingles.  Nevertheless, these same 'companions' (negative thought patterns) can bring other types of friends to the party, such as vitiligo, which is something I do have. 

I honestly feel like these two physical challenges stem from the same type of emotional hang-ups, only they attack the immune system differently, based on the individual.  Ms. Hay defines vitiligo as stemming from an emotional condition of, “feeling completely outside of things”, “not belonging”, “not one of the group”.  These thoughts brew fear and tension.  Feeling victimized and overlooked; I must admit at times, even after all I know about the energy healing and the power of thought, I still feel this way. 

These auto-immune conditions mean that the body is turning on itself. Translation: We are actually the ones who are hurting ourselves by inviting these feelings/thoughts into our brains and body.  We let them in when they knock.  They come in and effect our behavior - turning those we need and love against us. 

Well, the only thing to do about it is to clean house and stop inviting these little buggers in to crash the party.  Once again, I am seeing with crystal clarity that it all begins with my thoughts. Whether I succeed or fail, whether I live healthy or decide to put one foot in the grave.  It is my thoughts that dictate my conditions in life.  So simple, but not easy – so much programming, societal conditioning and whatnot…

Well time to let all that go – who am I and what do I want?  I see the only honorable way to find out is by staying focused on the positive qualities and contributions.  Stay laughing at life.  “How?"  I hear my inner child ask.  This is a question I have to answer for myself.  No one can answer it for me….part of the journey of life.

I love my sister and want her to get better and not have to suffer.  I have the power to make this happen by healing myself and remembering that we are all inter-connected.  So, in eradicating my party-crashers, I can help her, because some of the same DNA that runs through my body runs through hers.  I see this as partially my responsibility because I am my sister’s keeper.  Time to replace my party-crashers with thoughts such as, “I am at the very center of Life, and I am totally connected to Love” and help my sister understand through my actions that it is possible for us to remain “relaxed and peaceful because we trust the process of life and all is really" – at the end of the day – "well in our world”.

For more information about the energetic, emotional root causes of disease and their positive new thought pattern replacement please visit: Louise Hay.